How Digital Marketing Companies in India Are Helping Businesses Stay Relevant Online

News Update of the web has exposed novel vistas for conducting business. As per a survey, India will have around 500 million internet surfers by 2017. This creates a fascinating opportunity for businesses to market their services to a growing population of internet surfers.

The internet has taken along with it newer means of marketing. Obviously, traditional marketing or outbound marketing methodologies that use TV and radio ads, banners, hoardings and print ads in newspapers, magazines, brochures and other marketing collateral, do not work on the internet.

Inbound or internet marketing, is making money online or in the digital sphere. It takes into consideration things like page rankings in search engine searches, advertising on search engines, banner ads on other websites, marketing on social media marketing, etc. These marketing campaigns are highly focused and target the audience that a particular business wants to serve ads to.

The necessity to market products and services on the web has given rise to a new industry – the internet marketing industry. Digital marketing companies in India provide comprehensive digital marketing services for businesses. They usually employ a specialist team of domain experts in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media (SMM) and social media optimization (SMO).

A recent survey noted that 34% of the companies surveyed had a digital marketing strategy and 16% companies said that they use internet marketing on and off. An astounding 50% of the respondents said they do not have a precise strategy for online marketing. These numbers claim that there are still businesses which have not been exposed to the awesome capabilities and powers of internet-based marketing.

It really is imperative for Indian businesses, in particular, in this age to realize the importance of having an integrated online marketing strategy if they desire to survive in a highly frenzied and competitive market. Minus the help of Digital Marketing Services, they flunk of creating a strategy and face the dangers of seeing themselves become directionless. They’ll never know their online market share, their market share will undoubtedly be gained by existing and start-up competitors and they’ll never have a powerful online proposition.

AN ELECTRONIC Marketing Company in India can help businesses harness the energy of a robust web-based marketing strategy. Using novel platforms like the social media can be quite a game changer as more and more people are using them to engage with brands. It is an excellent place to gain followers, build relationships them and serve them relevant and helpful content. After they become loyal brand followers, targeted ads are served to them to convert them into customers.

Online marketing may be the present and the near future. Businesses staying away do so at their own risk. It’s worthwhile to climb on to the digital bandwagon while the time is right.

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